Capital Gains Tax

The only-tax free property transaction in the UK is your “principal private dwelling”, which is free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). All other property sales incur CGT. That includes buy-to-let properties, commercial premises, and even properties that are put into and then taken out of trusts.

Normally there is a straightforward way of assessing the capital gain, simply comparing the original purchase price to the final sale price. However, as in the case of property coming in and out of trusts, sometimes there are events that trigger GCT without an actual sale happening. Often there is a need for valuations of a property at dates in the past.  Here at CSD, we have Inland Revenue trained chartered surveyors who are able to help provide all the valuations you require. Our extensive historic databases can provide the evidence to back up our valuations so that the Inland Revenue will accept them.

Whatever your CGT valuation requirements call CSD to help clarify exactly what help you need and can expect to receive.

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